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Meet Cindy Kelly…

Cindy Kelly

Cindy Kelly

Cindy Kelly is the owner and founder of Alive and Well Center for Natural Healing. She is a vivacious, resilient, spunky, tenacious optimist, who… when given lemons…makes a detox drink out of it!! She is a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Digestive Therapist, Nutritional Counselor, Reflexologist and a Stage 3 Colon Cancer Survivor. She is an approved member of the International Association of Colon Therapists ( The Colon Cancer Alliance ( The National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance ( and The American Heart Association ( Cindy received her Colon Hydrotherapy Certification from Living Waters Rejuvenation Center in San Diego Ca. in 2003, and currently services the Inland Empire area by offering Therapist Assisted Colon Hydrotherapy, Gastrointestinal Nutritional Counseling, Infrared Body wrap Detox, an Organic 16 day Herbal Colon Cleanse and Parasite-Worm Killer, and Weight Loss Strategies. A fierce battle against Colon Cancer led her on a mission to find out how a person with a somewhat healthy lifestyle could be diagnosed with a 3rd stage, fast progressing, deadly disease. She was also desperate to seek preventative measures to spare her children from hearing those 5 shocking words she heard on March 9, 2002…”Get Your Affairs In Order”. After recovering from a colon re-section surgery, many months of aggressive chemotherapy, and a prognosis of 3 weeks, Cindy shocked the Doctors in her circle, with clear cancer markers! As she grew her hair back, she began to do her research on how; she of all people contracted this deadly disease. The ultimate conclusion found, was that by simply not moving her bowels frequently, a tumor had developed and was surviving and growing off of the bad bacteria in her colon. She was literally being poisoned by her own body part and the tumor was penetrating through the colon lining, which allowed the cancer to contaminate the lymph system. Because she had ignored the issue, treated herself with painkillers, and never spoke up when she was miss-diagnosed and told to “eat more fruit”, the tumor grew to the size of a plum and nearly killed her!

“Here’s what I think”, says Cindy, “If we continue to ignore our bodies plea for help, our body will give up the fight, open the door to disease and wither away. I truly believe we can HEAL OURSELVES simply by removing the bad stuff and putting an abundant amount of good stuff back in. Most disease, pain, hormone imbalances, digestive issues, and low energy levels come from the junk we put in our mouths, the pollution we breath everyday, and the stress we carry from so much anxiety. You might be shrugging your shoulders right now and saying, “but I don’t know how to control all these things”. Neither did I, but because I encircled myself with people who did know how, I’ve lived 14 years longer than I should have. And now that I know their secrets, I expect to outlive them all! I am here to help navigate your journey towards optimal wellness and lead you in the direction of trustworthy individuals who’s mission in life is to help YOU be the best possible YOU… you can be. MY ASSIGNMENT… is to detox you from the inside out and from the “Bottom-Up”.