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Robina Gaines, C.G.P., APPAC

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The Peaceful Plate was created by Robina Gaines, a certified personal wellness chef and certified gluten free practitioner, in order to help individuals improve their lives through diet.

Wellness Chef Robina, owner of the Peaceful Plate, has more than 25 years’ experience helping clients through diet. Personally affected with an autoimmune disease herself, she understands that getting your food right is important so you can live a normal life again. Robina believes that the right food can be your savior and the wrong food your worst enemy.

Robina has developed her cooking skills over many years. Starting in the 1980s, she worked for vegetarian/wellness restaurants, was a private chef, and also catered. She recently retired from a private school where, as their chef, she planned and prepared lunches for 75-90 students, 5 days a week. This included preparing gourmet lunches and dinners for their live in staff, many who had dietary restrictions.

Being diagnosed with a food allergy or food restrictions can be overwhelming. Following doctor or nutritionist orders on what to eat or not eat can be confusing. Often, it is too much to handle for the average person going through transition. The Peaceful Plate is dedicated in providing healthy, flavorful dishes to fit your personal taste and dietary needs.

Our services can accommodate any special dietary need or health condition which include: diabetes, heart disease, renal kidney failure, dysphagia, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer (including those going under radiation treatment), weight management, weight loss, or special diet needs (gluten/wheat free, non-iodine, candida (yeast), Paleo, SCD, etc., etc.,)